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Discover a World of Stories

Embark on a literary adventure like no other. Plot Twist takes you on a curated journey through a diverse range of genres, revealing hidden gems and critical favorites along the way.




Choose a Genre: Plot Twist includes 36 book recommendations across 8 genres. Shuffle through and narrow down your choice!

Scratch to Reveal: Each card features a concealed book recommendation. Simply scratch off the panel to reveal your next literary adventure.

Dive Into Reading: Once you've revealed your book, it's time to get the book and get reading! Use the link included on the card to find it online and Enjoy the anticipation of uncovering a new story that has been carefully chosen just for you.



Plot Twist has reignited my love for books. The curated journey of stories across genres keeps me engaged and excited. I've discovered hidden gems and favorites that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Highly recommend!

Plot Twist has completely transformed the way I discover new books. Each recommendation is a surprise, and I love the interactive and personalized experience. It's like unwrapping a gift every time!



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